June 27, 2012
by gradykelly

Get all touchy feely with the Texture Panel

The best extensions save time

One of the best features of Adobe Fireworks is its ability to allow the designer to quickly get their ideas on the canvas. Of course, that does not mean that all of the tools in Fireworks work that way. Let’s take a look at how textures work in Fireworks.

Just look at that long list of textures!! It is really hard to know what each one is by name. Lucky for us, we get that tiny preview window! (insert sarcasm here)

Lucky for us Matt Curtis, aka @coderkid_ made the texture panel. Take a look.

specctr featured image

January 29, 2012
by gradykelly

Need to show the details of your designs?
Say hi to Specctr.

Familiar Story

Has this ever happened to you? You just spent the last few weeks designing a user interface. Feedback from users has been positive and you are ready to show the development team what they will be working on in the next iteration. After the demo, you are confident that they understand what they are building and how everything should look and function. A few days later you check in to see how things are progressing.

“Why is that gray? It should be #0199FC!”

“What happened to the gradient in the menu?”