February 17, 2012
by gradykelly

Bootstrap Fireworks

For the latest Bootstrap 2.1 Toolkit for Fireworks, go to http://fireworkstoolkits.com

Today’s post is about …

A UI Toolkit for Twitter Bootstrap version 2.0. The entire UI recreated as vector images for Adobe Fireworks. (Fw PNG)

Hey, that’s not an extension!

Ok, so this is not about a Fireworks extension, but its the only Fireworks blog that I can post to. :o) Besides, if you think about it, anything that extends the use of Fireworks should be talked about here!

Bootstrap, from Twitter

Bootstrap is a neat little html, css and javascript toolkit that lets you create web apps quickly and easily.

January 26, 2012
by gradykelly
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Howdy! Have you been wondering what’s been going on here?

A few months ago, when I first had the idea for extendingfireworks.com, I had a huge list of things that I wanted it to do. I spent some time jotting everything down on paper, vetted out some ideas with other designers and started hunting for the best way to get er’ all done. Then Thanksgiving happened followed by Christmas and a well deserved vacation. I noticed that time was flying and I still had not made the progress that I wanted. That is when I got some  good advice (from my awesome wife Michelle), “Just start small and go from there.”  So I decided to just put up something and get things rollin’ even if it was small.