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A few months ago, when I first had the idea for, I had a huge list of things that I wanted it to do. I spent some time jotting everything down on paper, vetted out some ideas with other designers and started hunting for the best way to get er’ all done. Then Thanksgiving happened followed by Christmas and a well deserved vacation. I noticed that time was flying and I still had not made the progress that I wanted. That is when I got some  good advice (from my awesome wife Michelle), “Just start small and go from there.”  So I decided to just put up something and get things rollin’ even if it was small.

Fireworks is a great tool for prototyping and designing web sites and applications. Over the last many years I have been using Fireworks and have seen handfuls of very useful extensions and commands. Back in the day you could go to the Adobe Exchange and find cool extensions to tinker with and use, some good some not so good. Seems like the LoremIpsum extension has been there for the last 4 years! (if you think its been there longer let me know) It seemed like a good time to make something more useful and informative.

What will you find here at Articles on Extensions and Commands both old and new, interviews with their authors, helpful tips and giveaways! There will be wish list posts where you will see ideas for extensions along with other helpful Fireworks stuff. I’d love to hear your ideas so please shoot me an email or use the contact page.

So here she is! It will start with one extension and will grow from here.  Enjoy!

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  1. Definitely excited about this! I love that the Fireworks community has become more visible and vocal in the past year or so; hopefully this will serve as a reminder to Adobe just how important this program is to the design community.

    Thanks for putting this together, I can’t wait to see what comes about.

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