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One of the best features of Adobe Fireworks is its ability to allow the designer to quickly get their ideas on the canvas. Of course, that does not mean that all of the tools in Fireworks work that way. Let’s take a look at how textures work in Fireworks.

Just look at that long list of textures!! It is really hard to know what each one is by name. Lucky for us, we get that tiny preview window! (insert sarcasm here)

Lucky for us Matt Curtis, aka @coderkid_ made the texture panel. Take a look.

The description from the Fireworks Police website …

One of Fireworks’ coolest features is its ability to apply textures to almost anything. What Texture Panel seeks to do is is make that feature easy and more convenient to use. This version provides a full, thumbnail visual listing of all your textures, giving you the ability to quickly select and apply textures. You can even arrow key through textures to quickly get an idea what texture will best suit your purpose.


The Texture panel is pretty straight forward.

  • You can search for a texture by name
  • You can apply a texture to a Fill  or a Stroke
  • You can change the size of the thumbnail
  • Set the transparency of the applied texture
  • Show a horizontal bar of each texture instead of the squared thumbnails
  • Reload the list of textures
  • Add more textures
Lets take a look at how easy it is to change the size of the thumbnails.
  • Click the cog icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Change the texture size.
  • Save Settings.
  • Bam! Larger thumbnails!

Switching over to the bar version of the thumbs is just as easy. Just click the bars icon. It is the second from the right on the bottom.

It offers the ability to make some nifty lookin shapes …

One little Gripe …

If you use textures a lot, you will no doubt want to have it showing with the rest of your tools. However, the Texture Panel has a little weight to lose in the waist.

As it is now, there will be a 90 pixel gap to the right of your other panels. I mocked up how this would look after some extension lipo suction. Much better ehh? I think one of the reasons that Matt chose to do it this way was to give room for the transparency slider. However, it could be swapped out with the slider type that we see currently in Textures within the Properties panel.

Whats in the future for Texture panel?

Matt has a few things in the works:

  • adding a texture sorting feature, where you can put stripes and such in a list called, well, “Stripes and Such” for quick access.
  • Texture Rename and Delete functions.


Lucky for us, the Texture Panel is free! So go and get it! You will no doubt see how much easier it is work with textures within Fireworks.

Be sure to tweet @coderkid_ and let him know how much you love Texture Panel!!


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