Chen and Dimitri of OnPixel. Makers of Specctr.


A little about Chen and Dimitri, from Chen and Dimitri!

My name is Chen, I’m an interactive designer. Dmitriy is a web developer. We were lucky to become friends in High School and even luckier to have kept in touch. We have been close friends for over 10 years. We co-founded On Pixel inc. in July of 2011.

The idea to make Specctr came from my experience working as a web designer at a large corporation. Speccing was a part of my routine. One day after hours of speccing, my eyes hurt, I was bored and frustrated. Suddenly I realized that this kind of busy work should be automated, and that a designer’s time is a lot more valuable designing than it is speccing. We realize that specs are vital to the design/development process in a company. Specs not only communicate designs, help check the developed product, they are used as a reference point to make sure the whole team is on the same page. Specctr offers a quick, and easy way to generate this important information.

We believe Specctr is a lot more than just a tool – but a business solution for any company whose designers must generate specs for developers. Specctr helps facilitate this communication and leaves designers happier and more productive.

Specctr is our first product and we have been humbled by the great response and support we have been receiving from the Adobe Fireworks / web design / UX communities. Our goal is to continue to create more business solutions that help both design and development teams work more efficiently together.

What are they thinking about developing next?
– a design validator which would take a webpage and determine how closely it reflects a design spec.

What are their favorite Fireworks Extensions?
Aaron Beals DOM Inspector:
John Dunning’s Fireworks Console:

Both indispensable in developing Specctr.

John Dunning Grids:

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